Copy paste cool fonts for Instagram.
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If you want an amaizing bio (like you!) you are on the right place. With Font IG you will copy and paste fonts for Instagram and get new ideas for your bio. Here it's easy to create fancy text and cool text to put on your Instagram profile and bio.

Enter your text in your Instagram fonts generator to convert your ordinary text into ✨ extraordinay text ✨ Just tap or click on the result to ✂️ copy your instagram font in your clipboard and go on Instagram to paste and use it.

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What's "Font IG" ?

Font IG means "Font Instagram", it's a FREE Instagram font generator with all popular Instagram fonts. With Font IG it's easy to copy and paste fonts for Instagram. All new Instagram fonts are here.

How do I copy paste Instagram fonts?

Create you text on Font IG, choose your favorite, click or tap on it, that all, with a simple click or tap, the fancy will be copied in your clipbard, then, go on your Instagram account, and paste your font in you bio.

How do you get different fonts on Instagram?

It's easy to get different fonts on Instagram with Font IG, you can uses the same fonts as Instagram influencers and get cool captions for instagram. We have a lot font copy and paste, font aesthetic, cool fancy text and cool lettering